The HSK Internet-Based Test is a new form of test, technologically one step up from the original Paper-and-Pencil Test. It includes listening, writing, and oral segments. The test is distributed to test takers and answers are submitted electronically. The HSK Internet-Based Test allows test takers to have one more choice out of other test formats. It helps improve test takers’Chinese proficiency, as well as promote Chinese language in the information era and its application on Internet.


The Confucius Institute E-Learning Center has set up close to 100 HSK Internet-Based Test Centers in major cities in China. In anticipating the rise of test takers worldwide during the recent “Chinese Learning favor”, the Confucius Institute E-Learning Center has established HSK Internet-based Test Centers in many cities in Japan and Thailand. More oversea test centers will be available in North America, Britain, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam etc.


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